Traditional wallets no longer satisfy our customers’ needs,
making cash obsolete ever since the introduction of the card payment system.
With the cashless trend set to grow, more people are drawn to the convenience of no longer having to
carry cash around. And so, the Damda Wallet came into development as a response to
the demand for smarter wallet alternatives.

Semlessly Designed to Move with your life

We've designed the Damda Wallet to be slim and compact for your convenience,
avoiding unnecessary mess and bulk. The Damda Wallet measures in
4.6 x 2.7 x 0.5" and weight less than 2 ounces.


Redefining the standard for your daily accessory,
the D. Wallet strives to meet the growing needs of the on-the-go,
style conscious individual by featuring advanced security technology,
functionality, and awareness of the modern aesthetic
through its inherent design.

VRS DESIGN wanted to improve
quality of your life by making small changes.

We applied our philosophy to our product.

D.Wallet is minimalistic card wallet which is designed to be functional, convenient,
sturdy but modern and stylish. It’s designed to deliver familiar sentiment to make you feel comfy and cozy.
Its fluid streamlined shape provides ergonomic grip and instantly becomes part of your daily life.VRS DESIGN did not compromise.
We wanted to share our product to provide ideal card wallet for people living in such a dynamic era where new cultures are interchanged,
new community is formed everyday and flying around overseas has become common.
D.Wallet can organize overwhelming dynamism in one hand.
We let you keep the essentials with you anytime in any occasions.

Damda Series

Stripe / Plain

Don’t hassle.
Just grab, wear it and go.

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Stylish Design with Soft & vivid colors

Inspired by the pebble stone to reflect the simplicity of nature, the Damda Wallet emulates refined minimalism for the style-conscious modernist. The Damda Wallet comes in many attractive colors and styles, it will definitely let you express your attitude and personality.



The Damda Wallet comes with the state of the art RFID technology,
and our RFID Card has two distinctive features in a single body;
the Boosting Side will increase the proximity card’s signal strength
for easy scanning, but the Blocking Side will prevent identity theft from
remotely scanning and stealing your personal information.


Damda Wallet features semi-automatic unparalleled link sliding and hinge
door mechanism, which enable quick and easy access to the storage
compartment. F501 Type comes with a semi-automatic door hinge that
flips open and it will let you carry up to 7-8 credit cards.
G501 Type also comes with a unique semi-automatic sliding door and you can
carry up to 5-6 credit cards for your convenience.
We have included a card size leather pouch for your own convenience;
it will help you carry small items, such as coins, keys, USB, SD cards or SIM card tray.


The D. Wallet was designed to withstand all forces to preserve its look and function for long-term usability.

Engineered to absorb impact and to improve durability,
The D. Wallet’s front cover is composed out of Poly Carbonate,
while the back cover is composed of soft and scratch-resistant Thermoplastic
Polyurethane. Finished off with grip-enhancing Urethane coating,
the D.Wallet has been manufactured to
resist all hazards through its carefully procured materials.